SGE - Building a Galaxy of Possibilities

SGE Token

$SGE is a foundational ERC-20 utility token that offers investors the opportunity to use telescopes stationed around the world to explore deep space from the palm of their hand.

As a DEFI token, while supply decreases the value increases. Every transaction gives holders a 3% redistribution rate.

The longer you hold, the more you make!

Do Your Own Research

Allocation of 8% tax (including 3% redistribution)

50% Development

Half of the dev tax goes to the development of our NFT platform & app and amazing websites like this.

30% Liquidity

In order to maintain a stable price, tokens need liquidity. That’s why we put back into our liquidity pool.

20% Marketing

Our goal is to attract as many investors & community members to make our space mission a reality.

Tokens Burned

Over $40 Trillion tokens have been burned and will continue until the total remaining supply is $30 trillion, thus increasing


SGE has over 6,000 investors and community members who back a 100% success driven, fully doxxed team.